Dear Friends and Family,

We arrived Monday the 29th at Pelican Bay at the mouth of the Boca Grande Pass in Charlotte Harbor and anchored for the night about 8 p.m.  It was a motor for the last 24 hours because of the wind direction and low winds but that was OK.  We knew that was likely ahead of time.  We had a very calm anchorage after bouncing around on our 6 day non stop journey.  We made very good time, expecting the trip to take close to a day longer.  We woke up refreshed this morning and got underway about 8:30 and arrived at our home dock about 11:30.  We have been making phone calls, looking around the house and checking the e-mail.  It is time to go get the license plate for the car and stop at the grocery store.  Lots of food left on the boat but nothing fresh.

Tomorrow, we will go visit the grandkids for the day.  Can’t wait to see everyone.  Then on to getting back in to the swing of life as a land lubber.  Give us a few days to publish a final chapter but in the mean time, WE ARE HOME!!!!!

Sue and Rob

Back in Punta Gorda, Florida

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  1. Kathi Crump says:

    Welcome home! So glad your trip home was uneventful! Wish we had been at Ponce inlet to welcome you as in the past, but instead we’re on the other side of the Gulf. Enjoyed reading your blogs again so thanks for taking us along!
    Gene & Kathi
    Aransas Pass, TX

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