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Catalyst Log 12-21-12


Dear Friends and Family,

I am sure you are all busy getting ready for Christmas and New Years and  you may not have much time for these logs.  I will keep the words short on this one and concentrate on pictures.

Many people ask what we do all day while we are cruising.  Sometimes we ask ourselves that as well but when I started keeping track, we found that we don’t always have time for all we would like to do.  This list is hardly all inclusive but it might let you know how we spend some of our time aboard.

Like  your life on land, we have to take care of day to day life.  One of the big time takers is meals.  Our galley was built for one but sometimes we fit in two.


Of course we need to provision and that happens many ways.  You can try catching your supper.


Of course if you don’t catch anything, sometimes you need a bus ride to town, which you have already heard about.  Sometimes the items come to your boat.


Then of course you have to prepare them.


Chicken here comes fully equipped.


The best part is the eating!


We do eat well and what is not pictured is the yogurt I make about every 5 days and the bread baking that happens about as often.

One thing that helps the flavor of the food is my garden.


I have a few fresh herbs on board and they need care from time to time.  If my sister brings me seeds, I also plan to make bean sprouts for freshness and crunch in salads and sandwiches.

All this cooking makes trash and we have to deal with that as well.  If in a town, you may find a trash dump.


There is no trash service in the islands and you don’t want to give it to the Kuna to dispose of because they just dump it a little ways off shore.  Littering and trash around doesn’t seem to be an issue for much of the population of Central America and the Kuna are no exception to that.  What the boaters do is dump bio trash like peels, egg shells, etc. overboard after dark.  When going between islands in very deep water, we sink the cans and bottles.


This way, they don’t come ashore and they make homes for sea critters.  The other burnable trash gets taken to shore and burned.


Rob has to take care of the workings of the boat and that may demand going ashore to get fuel

P1070286 (2)

and managing dinghy docks if there are any!


He applies bumpers to the hard dinghy to keep from banging on our boat and others.


Rob is also very good about taking care of the boat and frequently makes sure the engines are doing well, plans our course on the chart plotter as well as being sure that the boat looks good.  Luckily we had crew this year to help with that!  When we sail, Linsey helps with the anchor and putting the jib cover back on.


It is good to give the aluminum a polish


as well as do the stainless steel.


Sometimes, we just take cover from the rain!


I appreciate Linsey doing my job of raising the dinghy


and securing the lines.


Rob does have other jobs teaching the new crew conch blowing lessons,


knot tying lessons


and of course how to use the hammock lessons.


As an aside, our hammock is quite old and the lines have started to snap so we are in the process of seeking a new one.  We will get more lessons when we do!

Being on the computer takes up more time than it should, especially with infrequent and slow access!


Personal health and grooming are also important.  I color my own hear and cut Rob’s for him.  I even braided hair for Linsey.


We have a physical therapist aboard for a reason so we are getting in shape with massage,


Rob, who doesn’t care for massage, even had a treatment after straining his back and is now a believer!  Linseys’ and my favorite pass time while watching movies after dinner is to take turns massaging each others’ feet.

P1070429 - Copy

Part of the process is stretching those muscles that ease chronic pain.


But I am also exercising more and more on point with what I need.


Of course I am still working up to some moves!


It is not all work and exercise either.  We like to go shopping or have shopping come to us!


The mola sellers are the most interesting.

P1070442 DSC02393

They will even show you how to put on the ankle beading.


It is a good way to make friends.


There is time for fun like snorkeling,


visiting with friends who stop by the boat,

DSC02376walking down the main street of a villageDSC02417 and eating soft coconut right from the shell.  DSC02426Of course there is always time for watching the sunset DSC02258 (2)DSC02259and best of all, an afternoon nap!  P1070307 (2)

There is a lot more that goes on but you get the idea.  Hope your days are full of the jobs that you need doing, along with some time to enjoy the day.

Fair Winds,

Sue and Rob and Linsey

Aboard Catalyst

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