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November 16, 2012

Catalyst Log


Dear Family and Friends,

Life in the San Blas is treating us well.  There is always something to tell you about but today I wish to tell you the story of our lobster experience, hence a lobster tale about a lobster tail!

Rob is not much of a fish or sea food eater so we don’t usually buy those things from the fishermen who come to sell us the bounty of the seas.  Linsey adds a spark of interest to many things but she had a yen to try lobster and since we could share the meal and make something else for Rob, we did it.

The trouble with this plan is that neither of us has ever cooked a lobster before so I told Linsey, if we get one, it is on you to get it to the table.

The first step was to pick the lobster.


We didn’t want one too small or bigger than we needed so we got one that seemed just right!


Linsey is showing off her choice.


It was hard to tell what the lobster thought but he did more or less fit in to the bucket.

DSC02295 DSC02296

Now comes the question of what do we do next. We knew we had to either try to keep it alive or cook it then and eat it later for dinner.  We chose the latter course.  The first step was to make it fit in to the pot.   Linsey had to figure out how to trim the tentacles.


Caribbean lobsters don’t have claws and have very long tentacles.  There is some meat in them and the legs but you have to work very hard to get that.  We were mostly concerned with the meat in the tail.   Linsey used kitchen sheers to cut off the tentacles.


A boat of local fishermen, different ones than who sold us the lobster, enjoyed the entertainment on our boat.  You can see them watching in the background!


Well, the pot is boiling and it is time to put it in the pot.  It was hard not to feel bad about what we were doing but no turning back now.


Linsey prayed for forgiveness for taking the life of this lobster.


After about 10 minutes, it was all over and the color looks right!

P1070411 - Copy

Now comes the question of how to we go about cutting this thing open.  I am sure people who do this regularly or in restaurants, have the right utensils plus the knowledge, but it is a first for both of us.

P1070413 - Copy

Yech!  Icky stuff comes out.  Let’s get rid of that!


We got the front separated from the tail and it makes a pretty good lobster puppet!

P1070416 - Copy

The lobsters are very spiky and hard to handle while cutting.  Both of us worked at it and got our fingers punctured in lots of places.


Finally we got the reward of a good sized meaty tail.

P1070421 - Copy

Now to see if it was worth the effort.  Linsey and I both love to put out ideas for recipes and she is very creative.  She is like me and likes to come up with thing without recipes, just using what is at hand.

Linsey made a wonderful lobster dish by adding tomatoes, onion, garlic, some bell peppers, cappers and a butter wine sauce with basil.  The two of us had rich portions of the lobster with the pasta and it was topped with Parmesan cheese.  MMMMMMM.


We actually made the same thing for Rob, but instead of the lobster, we used some salami we had left from a lunch.  We were all very happy.

So, life is an adventure, even in making dinner.  We wouldn’t have it any other way.  Note to guests, if you want to have lobster while visiting on our boat, learn how to prepare it before you come!!!!

Fair Winds,

Sue, Rob and Linsey

Aboard Catalyst

San Blas Islands, Panama

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