Blog Master Note: Apologies for the delay in sending this.   As you can see, this blog is very date-specific, but I have not been able to get this out due to work and family obligations.  Again, my apologies.

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Catalyst Log

Dear Friends and Family,

Today (Wednesday) is a special number day.  A boater called out over the radio that it would soon be 12:12 p.m. on 12/12/12 and so we had about 3 minutes to come up with a way to celebrate the moment.  We chose to blow our conch horn on the moment in time to commemorate this unusual number arrangement.  We awoke to realize that today is also the 1 year anniversary of when my brother died in a fall.  When we blew the horn, it was in his memory.  It made the moment all the more meaningful.


Though I am confident, he is OK and in a place full of joy and peace, it is still hard for us who miss his presence in the body.  Having someone as outstanding as he was, absent from our lives, is still difficult.  But today, we sang out with our horn and celebrated the time we did have together.

It was another interesting day.  I had a remarkable massage this morning and then made yogurt and bread.  We had the bread warm from the oven for our lunch.  We were joined by Vincenso and his assistant.  Vincenso is one of the two most famous mola makers in the San Blas Islands.  I have a picture with him from when we were here in 2005.  His molas now have his signature stitched on each one.  His quality is very high but his prices reflect that.

I am sending some pictures out to you so you know what molas are and to give you an idea if any of you would like me to buy any for you and bring them back.  Mola’s are fabric art made to wear in a blouse that is the traditional dress for the women here.



Now they are sold without the blouse and people usually frame them or make pillows out of them.  The ones I have pictures of are more traditional.  They are geometric or depict animals and plants in nature and more recently are some that depict people and ceremonies in the local tradition.  The newer kind are less traditional and are more of a applique style.  They can be very beautiful as well.  They can be very colorful or more monochromatic.  If you have a style or color scheme or subject matter in mind, I would be happy to look for you.  I have so many at home, I am trying not to go crazy with more but I would love an excuse to buy!!!


This one is an example of the few $20 molas.  All of these pictures are of Vinchenso’s work.


This selection has molas from $40 to $100.  Price is dependent on the work it takes.


This one is $40 for one of them.


I don’t know any prices on these two examples.  Linsey broke down and bought her one purchase to take back with her.  I really like it because it reminds me of the Mayan Calendar and she has been traveling in the Mayan culture for some time now.  In the year when the calendar ends, it will be a nice remembrance.  This was $40.


We made it to the island near our boat to check on prices there.  We saw some quality things and some very simple things from $5 to $20 at the highest.  Here are some examples.

P1070448 P1070449

Some fall in to the $15 to $20 range like these.


These are for about $10.


This one about $15.  They also make applique on T-shirts


and on finished bags.


The applique style can be beautiful as well and these are about $15.

P1070459 P1070460

You can get smaller ones and they are usually the applique.


Anyway,  If you would like to make an order, let me know and I will look around for what you might like at the best price.  I am sure that over the time we are here, we will see Vinchenso again.  I would like our guests to at least see his work, even if they don’t buy.

We are located between two islands with a third tiny one forming at the entrance to the anchorage.  One of the islands has a very primitive camp site and though we have not done it, I guess you can go ashore and get chicken and rice dinner and buy beers for $1.50.


Linsey swam ashore and managed to get a massage client and will stay to visit with people in her age group.  She will swim home for dinner.   The anchorage has many boats but the locals who live on the islands, just sail right through them.


I have much more to write about so if we keep getting connections by phone, you should get a couple more logs soon!

Fair Winds,

Sue, Rob and Linsey

Aboard Catalyst

Kuna Yalla, Panama

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