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April 15, 2012
Dear Friends and Family,
You have not heard from us recently because we have had company until this morning.  I am including a Flat Stanley Report which will fill you in on some of our activities but I will add a few thoughts here.
We really enjoyed our company.  The winds died down enough for us not to have to really get wet in the dinghy with the 5 of us.  Robert, Terry, and Elizabeth really liked French Key Harbor and we stayed longer than anticipated.  We had planned to try a sail to a small group of islands but abandoned that idea because they liked where we were.  We didn’t really have wind to sail anyway and so we finally did leave for the West End and had to motor in wet conditions, the only time we had some rain during their stay but it wasn’t bad.
We came to West End where the mayor had tried to get rid of the boaters.  Most of the moorings are still marked and boaters have not been turned away.  The Port Captain explained that we had been given permission to anchor anywhere in Honduras and we could not be kicked out.  What change has happened here is that they are no longer charging for the moorings and so the approx.. $2000 per month coming in from the boaters is no longer available.  The money went to the sea park and to the schools.  I have a feeling this will be resolved in favor of the boaters eventually but we are not likely to be spending time here again because of our cruising schedule .  At least we have gotten to enjoy the area on this trip.
The village is accessible and is a fun place.  We just returned from an evening boaters finger food pot luck on a deserted dock area close by.  They commonly use it for that purpose.  It was great fun.  I made one of my breads and Rob did the kneading for me.  He is going to be a great cook and baker by the time my arm heals.  Tomorrow we will go for a 1 1/2 hour hike in the morning with a group of boaters.  We may only be here a few more days because as soon as the winds calm again, we will return to French Key Harbor and get fuel and head to the most eastern island in the Bay Islands to see it and check out.  We are looking for some north winds and calmer seas to get east around Nicaragua.
Once we leave here, it may be hard to communicate until Panama but we will see.  I will be sure to let you all know when we will be off line for awhile.
My arm is able to do more but I think I have over done it a little and have gone back to wearing the brace more often.  I didn’t really wear it for over a week and my arm was getting achy.  I have been able to do most of the cooking again but our guests were good galley slaves and I was able to relax as they did dishes.  Rob enjoyed not having galley duty for the duration and also help raising the dinghy.
Now that the time has come, we are really itching to be on our way.  Having our guests was wonderful and we always enjoy an area more when we share it with family but it is time to get moving.
Hope your Easter was blessed and that you are refreshed from some vacation time. 
Fair Winds,
Sue and Rob
Still in Roatan


April 15, 2012

Flat Stanley Reporting

Dear Friends,

I hope you had a blessed Easter and a lovely break from school? Did any of you take a trip during that vacation? Well, this report, I would like to tell you about the trip that Rob and Sue’s niece and her family made to come visit us on the boat.

Meet Sue’s brother Robert, his wife Terry and their daughter Elizabeth. Elizabeth is 18 and going to graduate from High School this spring. She has been coming to visit on Catalyst with her Mom and Dad since she was 8 years old. She has experienced many different things coming on the boat over the years, but in this report, I want to share a few of the things she did on this trip.


They arrived the Thursday before Easter and Elizabeth really enjoyed spending time at a little island near the boat. We were able to swim, sun bathe and Elizabeth liked jumping from a platform in to the water. We went there a couple of times.


We enjoyed Easter dinner with other cruisers. There was no egg hunt but lots of candy and interesting deserts. It was nice to be with family and friends to celebrate this special day.

Elizabeth plays volleyball in school, so liked joining the boaters and playing at a resort near by.

At this resort, they have 3 monkeys that roam the beach. Elizabeth especially liked playing with them though they like to take your things so you have to hold on to things rather than laying them down. One monkey got Elizabeth’s sandals, but she got them back.

There is a shower there where the monkey’s like it if you turn on the water so they can get a drink. You can hold your hand to collect the water and they can drink from your hand. The monkey was interested in a white spot on Elizabeth’s back and enjoyed just letting her play with him.

He started pulling the hair of a friend of ours. We wondered why she got her hair pulled and Elizabeth didn’t and we thought that maybe it was because our friend uses a coconut shampoo and the monkey thought it would taste good.

We went to see the Iguanas with our company, and they enjoyed them and the baby chicks with the hen that also were there.

We moved the boat on a rainy day to another part of the island. We didn’t have wind so had to motor rather than sail but it was still fun to be out on the water.’

The fun things we did at this place was do some scuba diving. Sue even got to go. Her arm is a lot better. Elizabeth and Terry had not been scuba diving for 4 years since they were certified but they remembered quickly and had a great time.

Sue spotted a very large eel that was all visible. Usually you can only see the head.

One day, Elizabeth and her parents went to a dolphin encounter. They were in the water swimming with and petting the dolphins.

They got to do things with them as well. They would get a kiss,

dance in the water with the dolphin


and two dolphins together gave them a ride, first by holding on to the fins

and second, pushing them on the bottom of their feet. The smiles on their faces really showed how much they enjoyed the experience.

There is a picture of the place where you can swim with the dolphins. In this picture, they were in the bottom left larger pen. The water was nice and clear and the dolphins were very nice. I just watched because I didn’t want to get wet.

I watched a movie with Archer a while back that was called A Dolphin Tail. It was a true story about a dolphin and if you have not seen it, I think you would really enjoy it.

Elizabeth enjoyed playing lots of games with us at night and because the forward cabin was filled with supplies, there was no cabin for her to sleep in. She sometimes slept by the table inside but mostly she enjoyed sleeping in a hammock in the cockpit. She said that she would really like to have a hammock at college because it was so comfortable! Have you ever slept in a hammock? It is very popular in the warmer climates of the world!

Rob and Sue will wait for calmer weather to move the boat to the final destination of Panama. They hope it will be some time in the next few days. We may be out of range of a way to send e-mail so I am not certain of how often I will be able to send a report but I will tell you about our journey when I can.

Your Friend,

Flat Stanley

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