Great Expectations!

Catalyst Log  3-23-12

Dear Friends and Family,

This log has been in part, to share our cruising adventures with all of you.  This edition is a sharing of something that we are so excited about.  While we have been talking mostly about our cruising life, we have a rich and full life in the states too.  Early morning of March 21, our granddaughter was born in Williamsburg, VA.  Clara Allegra Davenport was born at close to 7 pounds and is 19 inches long.  She came only one day early from her due date.

She has an interesting birth story.  Our daughter, Julie, went in to labor about 2:30 a.m. and when the contractions went from 6 minutes apart to 2 minutes in one quick moment, they called their friends to come stay with their almost three-year old son Henry and they took off for the less than 5 minute ride to the hospital.  On the way there, Julie was aware that the baby was coming.  She tried not to push.  They got her in a wheel chair at the emergency entrance and while they were still in the admit area, she started trying to get her shorts off as she knew the baby was coming.  Two minutes after arriving at the emergency room, they lifted her to a bed and Craig cradled Clara’s head in the process to be sure she would not come out on the floor.  4 seconds after Julie lay down, Clara came shooting out.  As soon as she delivered her head, she was already crying.  The ER nurse was present for this and an ER Dr. delivered the placenta.  Julie’s Dr. was at the hospital and came later to do a couple of stitches which was all that was needed.  Start of labor to delivery was about 2 1/2 hours.  The over 24 hour labor and two hours of pushing with their first child gave them no warning of such a quick delivery this time!

Julie got to hold Clara right away and nurse her soon after.  The whole family is doing fine and returned home yesterday.  Craig’s parents were able to come right away from North Carolina, so will be there to lend support.

We love the name they chose.  Clara is one they have liked for some time and the older fashion name goes well with her brother Henry’s name.  The middle name came up for discussion only that night.  Allegra is a cousin of my father’s.  She is the only family member who is not a direct descendant who attends our yearly family reunion.  If truth be told, she may also be the favorite.  If Clara takes on any of the personality of her distant cousin, she will be a blessing to all around her.  The clincher in the name being used though, is that in music terms, the male version of Allegra (Allegro) means “quick” and “lively.”  That seemed to describe her birth and so they thought the name appropriate.  We learned that in Spanish, it means joyful so there will be a lot of expectations for this quick, lively and joyful little girl.

Her big brother Henry got to hold her in the hospital and we agree with his assessment that “she is sooo cute!”  If anyone knows cute, it is Henry!

We received a text from the kids about 2 hours after her birth but it was 4:40 a.m. our time.  They said we could call so we did.   For this reason alone, it has been great to have good access to communications.

Thanks for letting me share this special moment with all of you.  We won’t get to see our little bundle of JOY until some time in June.  That is the hard part for certain, but by that time, she will be interacting and smiling.  I also feel good knowing that Julie has help if needed and she and all are feeling great!  Being grandparents to 8 wonderful children is a true blessing but knowing that they are being nurtured by loving parents who demonstrate that love to each other every day, is our true joy.

With big smiles,

Sue and Rob


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  1. Sabine says:

    Sweet. Congrats.

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