The Votes Are In!


Dear Friends and Family,

A lot of you can take credit for writing this log as I am quoting some of your responses to the shorts issue.

Gene runs a close second behind Rob for old shorts that need to be thrown out. Like Rob he only wears them when he is working on the boat or in the garage and always changes if he has to run out to Home Depot but sometimes I wonder what holds them together. I vote for tossing out the shorts.

They are not even close to bilaterally symmetrical. Rob needs to use them until the right side has as much ‘character’ as the left.

Oh my, I certainly enjoyed this last blog. As for the shorts….. the left leg needs a little trim but other than that I’d say they have plenty of wear left in them. I have a jacket that looks similar but it is soooo comfortable that I overlook any frays or holes. If Rob is comfortable….. he keeps them and thats my vote.

Keep those shorts! Rob looks like a real cruiser! You can sew/patch the shorts with several different color pieces of cloth when you have two hands! Then Rob can wear them to town!

(now let’s hear from his wife) You’ve got your moneys worth out of those babies!!! Time to ditch them and move on to new fashion statements.

THROW THEM AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!

What did you do to make them look like that?! “”(From our oldest granddaughter)

My shorts got all the holes in them from bouncing grandchildren on my lap!  (Rob and then Aly’s response)

It looks like you put them through the paper shredder! (here is the rest of the family)

Colin- keep them (age 9)

Gregory- Throw them away (age 4)

Lisa-keep them if they stay on the boat. Don’t bring the back to FL No, really. Get rid of them now!(our daughter)

Luke-keep them if they stay on the boat-they look like an entanglement hazard for my little legs and arms (6 months)

Brandon-keep them (age 10)

Jenny- she is a girl so votes with Grandma-throw them away. (age 2)

Jeff – keep  (son-in-law)

I’m with Rob. People pay extra for the warn-jeans look. They just confirm the impression of him as a hard working and capable man. Heck, it is much better than the footed pajamas that we are seeing some boys out here in CA wearing!

As an accommodation to Sue, perhaps trim the worst shag off, making them an inch or so shorter. That would also address a safety issue as my experience would point to the danger of getting hung up on something at an inopportune moment.

Rob, You Da Man!

Sue, I really don’t understand what you’re complaining about; the essentials are perfectly well covered & the rest of the tropical ventilation seems appropriate to your location, as well as being proof that this is a guy who doesn’t just lay around on the beach, but really works.

And…as soon as you make him throw them out, they’ll become as valuable as a pair of worn Levi’s in Russia a few years ago.

P.S.; I didn’t dare show this to(my wife). What’s the point in my vote if I’m just going to let her cancel mine out?

No, don’t toss. Only “slightly used.”

Akin to a good pair of boat shoes!

Sorry, Sue—I have to go with Rob, the legs perhaps need just a little trimming as the hangers could get caught, but otherwise they look serviceable and comfortable. I might even wear them to the hardware store (if they were trimmed just a hair).

Those shorts look almost good enough for church compared to some shorts that I wear around the house and boat when “fixing” stuff. Definitely keepers!

We, too, hate to throw away anything. Rog has many shorts in worse shape that Rob’s.

So, the trick is to make them a WEE BIT shorter. Of course there are certain local nudity rules that you wouldn’t want to compromise. Perhaps if he wears a G STRING under them instead of the briefs, he can get by with them a bit shorter.

So, our vote is to shorten them.

they are dangerous to work on the boat…they have to go

My husband agrees—amazing

I have 2 pair that look quite a lot like that. They are for the yard and gardens . Keep the shorts!!! Sorry Sushi   (pet name of my niece)

What a nice dissertation about Rob. If he ever wants to get a sex change, I’ll take him! Ratty shorts and all.

Speaking of which, I had a pair in much the same condition. Must be the kind of tasks we sailors engage in that puts those holes and tears in the places pictured. Anyway, I think it should be Rob’s call. But, one word of caution from my own experience. Those big holes tend to catch on things — gate hooks, tops of stanchions and what not and create a bit of a hazard. So I’d suggest snipping away the hole bottoms if Rob decides to keep them.

I vote that Rob goes, not only without the torn shorts but without any pants for a while!!

Al wants the shorts when Rob is finished w/ them. I say Sue could trim they up & patch them for further use.

Craig, Henry and I would like to issue three votes for the shorts. We all say Dad can keep them. Once the crotch starts getting holes, that is when you need to worry!

We have a split vote from our household. I say pitch them, while Chuck is in favor of keep them, they look really comfortable.

Okay. Vic votes either cut them off because they could be a danger working around equipment and only wear them when down under working on the motor. I (Peggy) vote for cutting them off–they’re as bad as the ones Vic wore on the farm that really mortified mom. The worse thing is that he wore them into town!!!  (I knew I was beat when my own sister voted to keep them!)

Like a torn and tattered flag, the shorts should be kept in a hallowed place as a toil worn symbol of devotion to wife and country! Suggested repository – rusty nail in garage, under the kitchen sink, swab for head…..

Sorry, Rob, but they have to go! Terry has some tee shirts that are that bad and I’ve made him toss them.


Ok so the shirts are way too nice for the pants but aside from that where is the problem?


That is most of the responses.  I have to tell you that we had more than a few laugh out louds!  One cruiser friend from Ireland sent pictures of what happens to warn shorts that are trimmed too many times.  I am not sending the picture in the log because our daughter forbid it as her children read it!  Needless to say, the shorts were very short and when bending over, the crotch gave way and it became a micro mini skirt in an instant.  It left the tighty whities very exposed!

With that visual in mind, I am not sure that trimming is a good idea.  Besides, to trim the one side to where they don’t pose a hazard anymore, Rob’s boxers would start to show from the bottom.  Now I realize that showing your underwear is in fashion but that is from the top, not the bottom.  Besides, the the holes in his underwear would be showing and we would be doing this all over again!

I tallied the votes and they were clearly in Rob’s favor, 27 to 11.  Not a surprise was that only two of  votes to get rid of them were male votes (and one was a boy of 4 who doesn’t know the male bonding thing yet).  Seven of the votes to keep were from women.

Well, even before we had the final tally, I had come to the conclusion that these shorts must stay.  They have afforded me much laughter and connection to all the people who made the effort to reply.  It will no longer be embarrassment I feel when I see Rob in those shorts but they will bring a smile and appreciation for the man wearing them.  So, I think we both won this vote.  I will let Rob determine the trimming.  He said he is being careful and on our boat, there is more room to move around things and fewer things to catch on.  Rob tells me he is considering the possibility of repairing the shorts with the boater’s best tool, duct tape.  The other thing he’s considering is patching them with 3M brand 5200 adhesive.  For our non boater friends, 5200 is somewhat akin to Liquid Nails and seems to be the answer to every problem on a boat.

I also found out that there is no reason to be embarrassed as if you are not a closet bum yourself, you probably live with one so no one is likely to “throw stones.”

Five more days to go to get rid of this cast!  Not sure how soon my hand will be ready to type but I can’t wait!

Fair Winds

Sue and Rob

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  1. Sabine says:

    Fun post! Thanks for sharing. Sabine.

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