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Dear Friends and Family,

We moved the boat from Utila to the main island of Roatan on Sunday and actually had fairly calm seas with a westerly component to the wind which allowed us to sail for a good part of the way.  It was actually our first sail this season and it was great to feel the sensation of a horse taking out from the gate.  The boat really took off and it was exhilarating!  We got tucked in to French Cay Harbor,  popular anchorage for cruisers, in time for strong changing winds and strong rain for Monday until Tuesday evening.  We had another quick blow just a few minutes ago but while the wind is still forecast to be in the 20 knot range, it should be out of the east rather than changing. I will report more on Utila and here in a later log but I have some thoughts to share about being a one armed crew member.

Yesterday was the start of my fifth week in a six week term in my cast.  It really got me thinking about the process of living with this restriction.   The month has gone by rather quickly but I am already itching to see this thing off!  I can already tell the work I will need to do to get the muscles and tendons back to normal.  I need to find out what medical professionals are available on the island so I can set up appointments.

What I really want to share with you today is how Rob has stepped up to the plate in taking care of so many things that he is not used to.  You can imagine some of my difficulties but let me tell you about my man.  I say my MAN because a real man is measured by how he treats those around him but most especially his wife.

I realize that there are a lot of good men out there, but it is always  good to have my good instincts in choosing Rob confirmed.  He now not only has his regular boat chores to do alone like raising and lowering the dinghy, but he has to hold things in place and hold me as well so that I can get in and out since there is not always something for me to hold on to.  People at the docks have been very helpful with a hand as well.  I can still catch us as we come in and do a little line control but mostly it is all Rob.

I have mentioned that we have been eating out a lot but less so lately.  Rob would never have starved on his own but the kitchen has never been his area of comfort except for clean up duty.  Now he is the keeper of the inventory in the refrigerator.  He has learned to prepare the fresh fruits we enjoy for breakfast.  He can process pineapple, mango, and papaya along with the normal suspects.  He has learned about some of the local vegetables and how to prepare them.  He is a good salad maker and if we eat out for lunch, we frequently have a good salad for dinner.  He has learned to make grilled sandwiches and has even prepared some main meals although, not many of those.  He does all the clean up, makes my tea in the morning and serves me at he table.  I think I like it!  Of course, in the beginning he tried to tell me I could start the gas on the stove by standing on one leg on a bouncy boat, hold in the knob with my knee and press the lighter button with my left hand.  I said, “show me how,” and that was the end of my time in the kitchen.

There are some things you may no think about though.  I am taking care of most of my personal needs but Rob still has to shave under my left arm and dry my left arm and my back after my shower.  I need him to floss my teeth!  He does well but I want to assure our dental tech that her job is not in jeopardy!

I tried to teach him to style my hair after washing but neither one of us found that much fun so I live with straggly looking hair, but boating does that anyway. What he did do for me a couple of days ago was put color on the roots of my hair.  It turned out great!

He does so many things for me and though some are not easy for him or things he doesn’t feel comfortable with, he has not gotten short with me or made any complaint.  He is thoughtful, loving and patient and seeing this from him in this situation has been the greatest gift that this accident has given me.

Now, given my great appreciation of my husband, you may wonder at this next part.  I can perhaps blame it on my upbringing.  I was raised a farmers daughter and as you can imagine, my Dad wore clothes that may not have been in perfect condition because he was always getting dirty and grease and oil stained.  My Mom used to get on my Dad about how bad his clothes looked and was mortified if some one came by and saw him that way.  It was worse if he considered going in to town for something he needed and wore those clothes.  Since Rob has become a man who spends time working on mechanical things, he doesn’t wear his best clothes working on the boat.  That is fine with me but one pair of shorts has been a topic of conversation.  In Guatemala, he told me he would throw them away in Honduras.  Now he is having second thoughts.  I thought I would leave it up to all of you.  Here is a picture.  Please vote to keep or throw away.  You can vote at  Only signed entries will be counted and couples can vote separately!  You have one week.  Rob wanted me to tell you that he only wears them for working on the boat and never ashore, but people do drop by!

Fair winds,

Sue and Rob

p.s.  There are two pictures of the shorts because I wanted the close up and Rob wanted one with his good looking legs!

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  1. wesdemott says:

    they look fine to me! Sabine

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