Ups …and Downs

Dear Friends and Family,

Soon after I began my Cat A Logs, I mentioned I was doing a Flat Stanly report for a group of third graders.  Flat Stanly travels with us, and I tell the students who made him about our adventures.  I m including my latest Flat Stanley report as the main part of the log and as you read you will know why.  You’ll see a couple photos of ‘him’ in the photos below.


Flat Stanley Reporting:

Dear ninos,

This is not the report I planned to write.  We were getting the boat ready yo leave on Monday for Honduras.  It had been raining all week and so when the weather looked better we went out to find some land for a walk.  We were almost back to the dingy when Sue slipped on a slippery plank that made a bridge over a muddy ditch.  Sue knew right away that she was really hurt.  Her wrist on her right hand was in pain.

We got Sue back to the big boat and got the mud washed off, the wrist taped up and ice put on it.  Then Rob got the anchor up and took us two hours on the boat back to RAM marina where we had the boat before.  By this time it was about 5 p.m.  The marina arranged for a car and driver to take the three of us to a hospital.  It took more than an hour to get there but once we got there, we were the only ones in the emergency room so we were taken pretty quickly.

After an x-ray, we found that Sue had broken her wrist.  It is a quick  break to heal but she will be in a cast for 4 weeks.  Since she types these reports for me, you may get shorter reports.

The people at the hospital were very nice and helped me to understand the process of going to the emergency room.  I even got to lay on the x-ray table, ride in a wheel chair and the doctor even fixed my arm.  They had never seen a Flat Stanley before but I think they enjoyed meeting me.

I think they liked Sue too because she was smiling and having a good time trying to talk to them in Spanish.  No one there spoke any English.

We are staying in Rio Dulce to do some shopping until after lunch on Monday when we will go back to the river village anchorage.  We are going to let Sue learn how to do things with one hand before doing the ocean passage to Honduras.

Well Sue will keep trying to type my logs for me but I know she would appreciate a report from you too!  We’ve attached some photos too.

As you can tell, my up coming logs are likely to be shorter.

Funny story:  19 years ago, Rob and I were getting ready to go on a dive trip to the Bay Islands of Honduras.  24 hours before our flight, I broke my ankle.  Several months later we had a great dive trip there.  Now with about 48 hours before going to the Bay Islands, I break my wrist!  At least it is easier to get along on a boat with a bad arm than on crutches.

Lucky Rob is about done with boat work as he is now on kitchen duty too!  So when I said in my last log that I was eager to see what would come next, I didn’t think it would be this.  We are fine and ready to experience this adventure too!

With a chuckle because it is a little funny!

Flat Stanley

(and Sue and Rob)

Still in Guatemala

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2 Responses to Ups …and Downs

  1. Mary Jane Garnett says:

    Being one handed should make your life even more interesting, Sue. I’m glad you replied so I can follow you around the Caribbean again. We willl keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

  2. sabine says:

    Sorry to read about your medical experiment 😉
    Hope you’re feeling better by now.
    And sure hope the rain stopped!!!

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