February 4, 2012

Dear Friends and Family,

The weather is finally clearing so we hope to get some things done today, like some laundry and some work on taking Rob up the mast.  We are thinking that we may leave on Monday so by Tuesday, we hope to be in Honduras.  Looks like a good window.

One reason I am writing is that tonight on the CBS program 48 Hour Mystery at 10 central time, there will be a program about an incident that happened in the San Blas Islands of Panama.  Two different single handed cruisers were killed and their boats taken by another guy from Spain.   This was done over a period of time, not simultaneously.  The discovery of this happened over a year ago and we in the boating community have been aware of it.  The killer is in jail in Panama.  I think the story may be interesting but you may also see some views of the San Blas which will be our primary cruising ground for next  year.  Glenn Tuttle and his wife Eddie may appear on the program.  They were involved in helping to resolve this situation.  They are cruisers who have recently moved to Punta Gorda but have spent a lot of time in that area.  We got to know them last year.

Hope you have a good weekend.  We hope to get out and see all the things we missed and get ready to get under way!

Fair winds and sunny skies!

Sue and Rob

Aboard Catalyst

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