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Dear Friends and Family,

Well, the power has been out a good part of the day. That is not so unusual around here but usually they have the power back on by now. The whole town is down. There have been unusual rains and some strong winds which are usually over by this time of year. When that happens, there is usually trouble. When you see the way electrical connections are done in these places, it is not a surprise. That means we have no water either because there is no pump to move the water in to the house.

This is not the first we have lost power but it has been the longest. The staff expects it to be restored before tonight.

It reminded me of when we were without power and water after hurricane Charlie. I also think of people who live without power always. Of course their life is set up around that. If we had known we would not have power, we would have a different source for water supply, or ways of going to the bathroom. It is the unexpectedness of the situation that makes it difficult and even then, a small inconvenience at best. Still, a good reminder of something we take for granted.

Rob wrote about what happened with the boat and our radio in the last log. We got some feedback saying that it was very enlightening and some that thought it was boring. I rather enjoyed it as he explained it to you better than he did to me so I learned as well.

Our Apartment

Our Apartment

There has been less to write on a personal front. With rain over several days a lot of the work cannot be done so we are not the only ones who are getting more behind. Our apartment mates had hoped to be in the water by now but they are several good days away if they get the work started and keep going with it. Part requires painting and that requires some dry weather which we don’t seem to be having.

We had been concerned because there was not much happening on our boat but this afternoon, we walked over to see if anyone was working and what seemed to be the whole boat yard crew, 11 men, were busy sanding. It should make short work and maybe will move things ahead quickly. The reason for the attention is that with power out and the rains, there was little else for anyone to do. The grinding of the paint is done and we are down to the hand sanding. Next step is to start the fiberglass repair.

We have been investigating language schools and hope to make a choice soon. Our goal is to get to Antiqua the week before Christmas and start classes then. We are hoping that the fiberglass project will be finished by then and perhaps all the work will be done. If it is only bottom paint left to do, we may just go to the classes and hope it is finished when we return. We will leave the boat on the hard here while we are away and hopefully splash the day after we return and be on our way to our time with Chris and Kelli in Texan Bay.

We have gotten in to town a few times. We have seen Chris a few times and even went in his launcha with him to lunch one day. Normally though, he is very busy with appointments and there is little time to visit. We saw Kelli only briefly and it may be that we have to wait for good visits when we get to where they are living on their boat. It is wonderful to be busy because you are earning money but it makes it hard to take time off when jobs are pressing.

Last night we were picked up by a shuttle boat from MAR marina which is very close by. They had a movie night with two shows and fillet of beef, baked potato and vegetables plus a drink and shuttle for only about $6 per person. Yvonne and Tom, our apartment mates and Rob and I went. Unfortunately it rained and we were on the edge of where the roof was so got a little misted and a few big drops on us. The noise on the roof also made it hard to hear the sound but it was still and outing and a nice time. We were able to get there and home between down pours of rain. Unfortunately, the food was worth about the price. Often the meat in particular is not what we are used to and it was served rather cold. Of course it was a bit of a chilly evening. Still, it is hard for me to appreciate many restaurants as I think my own cooking is often better. One reason we don’t go out much!  I will go in tomorrow when a car from the marina goes and probably come back an hour later. I may try to investigate the massage place. The yard manager, Karen, suggested starting with something small like a foot massage and see how I feel about the place. That is a good idea.

Wow, our yard manager Karen predicted the power would be on about 4 p.m. My watch says 3:55 and it just came on. Looks like it is time to wash the dishes that have piled up since breakfast.

We still have to figure out how to send pictures. The ports on this computer won’t allow us to download through this computer since it got damaged. We have the other computer but it doesn’t have all the same programs this one does. Anyway, I hope to send out pictures, if not with this log, in future ones.

Hope all the pre holiday parties are being properly enjoyed and appreciated!!! Miss that. We could do more if we had a dinghy in the water but we can’t make all the marina events without it.

Fair Winds,

Sue and Rob

Waiting to be aboard Catalyst

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