Loving Mexico!

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February 6, 2011

Dear Friends and Family,

We have had an interesting few days.  Nothing stays the same, that is for sure.  We had hoped to get fuel which is what I wrote to you when I sent the last log.  Well, the fuel guy never showed up. 

Playa Del Carmen

We delayed getting to Playa Del Carmen to meet our friends because of that but finally got together with them.  Playa Del Carmen is a really nice resort town with a lot of regular shopping along with the requiset tourist fare.  It is more up scale than Isla Mujeres and the beach area is really nice.  You can take a bus to Cancun, a ferry to Cozumel or it is a short way to the ruins at Talum which are actually quite near where we are here at Puerto Adventuras.

Wes and Sabine

We enjoyed our visit with Wes and Sabine and they ended up taking us to their condo.  We had done a lot of walking by then and got a little overheated as it is very warm in the sun. 

Enjoying a Dip!

We enjoyed their pool and were ready for a quiet evening when we got home.  We hope to see them again soon.  They may end up joining either us or Johnson’s on our boat for some of the cruise.

We really like it here and the marina is reasonable so we seduced my brother Paul and his wife Bernice to come join us earlier. Our rush has been to be in Belize to meet them there.  They will fly in on Wednesday and after some days having some fun around here, they will do the open water passage with us to Belize.  I hope they have a good time but they will get a real taste of cruising life with that!  Actually, don’t tell them, but we really don’t want them to come, we are just using them as messenger service. Johnson’s need a new membrane for their watermaker.  Hopefully, we can have it overnighted to Paul before he leaves and he can bring it as luggage.  Having items shipped internationally can be a real hassle and one never knows when and if you will get what you ordered.  (P and B, just kidding, we really do want you to come!)  Actually, up until yesterday, we had been thinking that this might be the first time a visitor didn’t have to bring us anything.  Oh well, I guess it isn’t for us.

Last night we dropped the computer on the floor of the dinghy.  We can’t connect to internet from our boat so have to take it to the office to connect and we go by dinghy because it is a long walk over there.  Anyway, part of the LCD screen was damaged.  It now looks like we have a black sidways jelly fish on the right side of our screen.  It is not too big a problem and Steve, who is a high tech guy, doesn’t think it will get worse.  The computer works fine otherwise.  Luckily, we have an accidental damage policy on the computer so can just wait to get home and have it fixed then.  We were thinking of having Paul bring another one to us or buying one here at SAMS but think we will hold out with this one for now.

Chat-Eau (our sailing companion)

Today was to be a catch up day on getting things done on the boat.  I made yogart and started baking bread.  Then the fuel guy came by and told us that there was a big yacht coming in and we might have to move our boat because we are actually next to the fueling area rather than a regular slip.  (Wonder what would have happened if we had been off the boat?)  Well, we had to unplug the air conditioning, untie the lines and then leave the dock and wait until the fueling is done on the other boat.  We grabbed a mooring ball that is used by a tourist boat that was gone at the time and just waited.  It took time away from what we were both doing.  We returned to the dock and since the fuel guy was there, we were able to do our tank and jerry jug fill now.  That will save us having to stay to do it another day when we might be wanting to do something else.

Catalyst (40') and a Motor Boat...

We thought about what an inconvenience it was but then we got to thinking, here we are at a beautiful resort having to move our yacht.  What can you find to complain about in that sentence?  Is it that we are in a beautiful resort or that we have a yacht we own?  One always has to think about the upside to everything and most times you find there is more up than down!  We are hopefull that we can move to where Chat-Eau is located as it will make things much nicer.  There is a slip there now so hopefully we will be able to take it in the morning.  The marina office is closed today.  Especially with Paul and Bernice coming, it will be nicer and it seems as though we may be here at least through the weekend now.  Cat-Eau is med moored which means the bow of the boat is attached to a mooring buoy and you back up to the dock and tie off there.  We have never done it before so it should be interesting!

The moving of the boat got in the way of my bread baking.  Most of you know from past years that I like to make my own bread on the boat.  I made some really nice light rye and rolled it in to a baked sandwich with carmelized onions, horseradish sauce, swiss cheese and roast beef.  The ingredients are put in the raw dough like a jelly roll and then when you slice the bread, it is a ready made sandwich.  We shared it with Steve and Nancy but because of the delay it was almost two before we got over there for lunch.  We spent a good part of the afternoon there.  After a return to our boat, we took the dinghy again to Johnson to have dinner with some land people that live in the condo behind their boat.  Nancy made a wonderful dinner for us all which we enjoyed while getting to know this couple from Colorado that vacation here twice a year.  I was one of those wonderful cruising opportunities and we enjoyed the exchange.

I have yet to deplete our freezer but I hope Paul and Bernice will help with that.  Maybe they will want to do restaurants.  There are so many options!

This trip has been one experience of changing plans almost hourly and today was no exception.  Good that it is raining, cloudy and chilly as it meant we didn’t miss much by doing boat chores! Now only good weather is allowed for the next couple of weeks!  So much to do and so little time!!!!

Heres a note from Rob about the boat:

Some people have asked about what happened to the SSB HF radio and why we couldn’t use it.  Since the cruise started, we have been having problems with the computer communicating with the SSB radio (Icom 802) via the USB plug.  Sometimes, while transmitting an email, the radio locks up and transmits continuously.  Not good.  To solve this, I would pull the USB plug out of the computer to release the radio.  This seemed an OK work around for the problem.  While enroute to Isla Mujeres the radio locked up, and I unplugged the USB cable.  The radio turned off and I could not turn it on, even when pressing the ON button.  I suspected a blown fuse, or maybe just a reset of the radio by disconnecting the power would do it.  However, the boat was bouncing around too much to check it out.  Once we got to calmer waters, I pulled the fuse, and it was good.  I put the fuse back in.  I pushed the ON button, and it worked!  I wish everything on the boat were so easy.  Speaking of other things on the boat, everything is doing well, except the computer has problems communicating with the radio and the printer.  It all worked fine before we left.  Go figure.  Other than that, all is well.

Fair Winds,
Sue and Rob
Loving Mexico

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